Welcome to The Financial Consulate

The Financial Consulate is a fee-only firm operating under a strict fiduciary standard of care.  These two attributes alone differentiate us from most financial advisors.  Fee-only means we do not accept commissions for the sale of products, the driving force creating a conflict-of-interest between the financial industry and those it serves. As a fiduciary and member of NAPFA, we have a legal obligation to act only in your best interest.

The first step in a new financial advisory relationship is a no cost, no pressure introductory meeting so that you can meet us without any obligation.  We need to feel comfortable with each other so that any ongoing financial relationship is long term.  At this meeting, we’ll disclose our fees, how we conduct meetings, our investment management, financial planning philosophies and respective approaches.

Why this approach?

The sales approach of many commissioned financial advisors leads to high pressure sales.  Our firm consist of salaried employees who don’t accept commissions.  As fiduciaries, we have taken an oath to sit on the same side of the table as you – to represent only your interests with as little economic bias as possible.  In fact, we will complete the Financial Physical™ or Action Plan for you and you will not owe us anything until after you have seen the analysis and written plan.  If you do not feel you have gotten full value then you will not pay us.  Please see the Our Services tab for more details.

Why this guarantee?  People are unsure what to expect or what they will get when paying for financial planning. In many cases, people have already paid for financial planning which just led to a sales pitch for an insurance product or a mutual fund.

That’s not what The Financial Consulate is all about.

Our mission is to help our clients lessen the worry and burden of money management so they have more time to spend building relationships.